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A new city, a new president and a new sport: A big weekend ahead in Olympic news

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Fireworks ignite over the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games on July 27, 2012 at Olympic Park in London, England. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The most important International Olympic Committee meeting in decades kicks off today in Buenos Aires. The IOC has a lot on its plate from picking a host city for the 2020 Games to choosing a new president and deciding which sport will make the cut to stay in the Olympic Games. The three competing host cities - Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul - all have challenges to overcome and there's no clear front runner. In addition to picking the host city - the IOC will also have to choose which lucky sport will become the 28th official addition to the Olympic Games.

Wrestling has its fingers crossed that it won't be booted off the roster after the commission voted earlier this year to remove it from the Games. Baseball and softball are also in contention to stay Olympic sports. After all that, the IOC still has to choose a new president to replace outgoing Jacques Rogge. The former Olympian has headed up the IOC for 12 years and is about to retire. The new president will have a whole host of challenges to take over from concerns over Russia's anti-gay stance in the upcoming Sochi winter Games to concerns about construction underway for 2016 in Rio de Janiero. A lot of lingering questions will be answered by the end of the weekend. 

Which city will win the 2020 bid? Will Tokyo overcome concerns over radiation from the Fukushina nuclear disaster? Will economic problems and political instability overshadow the bids for Madrid and Istanbul? Will the IOC chose a non-European candidate for president? And which sport would you like to see added back to the Olympic Games?


Tariq Panja, Bloomberg News reporter joining us from Buenos Aires

Phil Wallace, board member with the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games

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