AirTalk for September 5, 2013

How are Southern California's coastal cities preparing for the possibility of such an earthquake?

Pretend that a tsunami is headed toward what?

An earthquake off the coast of Alaska would cause a tsunami large enough to cause major flooding in Long Beach and parts of Orange County and force 750,000 people to evacuate coastal areas. That's according to an extensive simulation published Wednesday by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Mercer 13342

California food stamp bill heads to Governor’s desk

A bill that aims to simplify eligibility for California's food stamp program passed the state Senate yesterday (WED), its final legislative hurdle before heading to the Governor’s desk.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
If legislation currently making its way through Sacramento gets the governor’s signature, it would put a stop to former professional athletes from the six major leagues (NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS) who spent their careers in other states from coming to California courts to collect workers compensation.
Could speed regulations help improve safety?
The European Union has denied rumors of European lawmakers implementing mandatory 70-mph speed limiter on cars. Speed limiters, also known as speed governors, have been considered to improve safety.
Rayen Luna Solar, 27,  33-week pregnant,
With the increased use of in vitro fertilization methods to conceive, more couples increase their chances of getting pregnant with multiple embryos. Couples may end up with the unexpected challenge of twins or triplets or higher multiples. This challenge may be too much for some couples to handle financially or emotionally.
Journalist Nicholas Schou follows individuals in California's underground marijuana trade and examines the state's grey area of weed and legality.
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