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Was NY mayoral candidate justified in confronting an insulting voter?

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Anthony Weiner speaking with reporters on July 26, 2013 in New York City. Videos surfaced Wednesday of Weiner in a confrontation with a man outside a bakery in New York. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Anthony Weiner is the only New York mayoral hopeful with a tendency to make news across the country. This week, while on the campaign trail at a little Brooklyn bakery shop, a man called Weiner a "scumbag," said "married to an Arab," and "you're disgusting."

Never one to shy from a confrontation, Weiner shouted "Who are you to judge me?" and told the man, later identified as Saul Kessler, to go speak with his rabbi. It was a two-minute, heated exchange captured on video, and led to more unfavorable headlines for the former Congressman taken down after lying about "sexting" with numerous women.

Do you think the exchange was blown out of proportion? What's the most skillful way for a political candidate to handle such vocal insults?

Ross Barkan, Reporter, The New York Observer

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