AirTalk for September 9, 2013

Rally At White House Protests Possible US Military Strike On Syria

What could Syrian retaliation look like to the US?

In an exclusive interview with CBS News’ Charlie Rose, Syria’s President Bashar Assad denied that his regime used chemical weapons and issued a warning that the U.S. should “expect everything” in response to any strike on Syria.
Senate President Darrell Steinberg introduced a bill recently that would give CEQA exemptions for a plan to build a downtown arena for the Sacramento Kings.

What's the fate CA's Environmental Quality Act?

Sacramento lawmakers have shown overwhelming support for a bill that would alter the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), but last-minute amendments highlight how contentious negotiations have been.
Matthew Cordle, 22, recently posted a video online confessing that he had killed a man while driving drunk. Will others learn from his mistake, or is he just seeking notoriety?
Is Governor's Jerry Brown's plan the best way to reduce the prison population in California?

Prison overcrowding relief deal unveiled

Gov. Jerry Brown and the four legislative leaders have announced a deal on relieving the state's prison population, agreeing to ask a panel of federal judges to extend the end-of-the-year deadline on releasing thousands of inmates.
IFA 2013 Consumer Electronics Trade Fair

The smartwatch race is on, but does anyone care?

Samsung has just announced the release of a brand new smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Gear can take photos and answer phone calls. One caveat though, the device must be used along and only works with a few Samsung products. The gadget goes on sale in October and costs around $300.

Which of 'The Five Flirting Styles' do you use?

There is no right or wrong way to flirt, but according to author Jeffrey Hall there are five different styles. In his book he examines five key styles: polite, playful, sincere, and traditional. Take the quiz here to see which one you are.
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