AirTalk for September 10, 2013

Russia proposal could avert war with Syria

President Obama will address the country tonight.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Obama will address the country tonight.

An alternative to a US military strike against Syria is taking shape internationally, hours before President Obama's planned address to the American people over the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons.

The proposal came from Russia and would destroy Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons. The plan has the support of the government of Bashar al-Assad, and President Obama has thrown his weight behind it. France plans to submit the resolution for an U.N. Security Council vote. President Obama's threat of war against Syria has met with lackluster domestic support and little international backing.

What would a chemical disarmament look like? How can the U.N. ensure that Assad regime destroy its arsenal? Could this avert outright war with Syria? Is this President Obama’s way out?


Nada Tawfik, BBC Producer/Reporter at the United Nations

Bruce Bennett, Senior Defense Analyst focused on Weapons Counterproliferation at the RAND Corporation

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