AirTalk for September 10, 2013

President Obama will address the country tonight.

Russia proposal could avert war with Syria

An alternative to a US military strike against Syria is taking shape internationally, hours before President Obama's planned address to the American people over the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons.
What features would you like to see on the new iPhone?

Do you want fingerprint security to access your smartphone?

In one of Apple's signature Cupertino events, the technology company unveiled its latest iPhones. One is a cheaper version of the pricey smartphone, called the 5C. The other, which had fevered speculation going for weeks, is the 5S. Today Philip Schiller, Apple's Senior VP of Global Marketing, called the "most forward thinking phone we have ever created."
Should Coffee Shops have limits on free WiFi?

Coffeehouses fight back against Wi-Fi squatters

Cafes and coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi are dealing with people who come into the shop and work for hours without spending more than a few dollars.
What has your hunt for a rental in Los Angeles been like?
Stiff competition in the housing market is steering a lot of aspiring homebuyers in Southern California from the housing market to the rental market. If anecdotes we’ve been hearing from people are true, the rental market in Los Angeles is also becoming very cut-throat. Bidding wars between potential renters are apparently common and landlords often get inundated by inquiries minutes after posting their properties on Craig’s List.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door: A path to a better way of death

When Katy Butler’s father suffered a stroke, medical treatments left him with a life that was almost not worth living. Butler’s book, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death” emphasizes everyone’s right to refuse medical treatment and more importantly, to choose for themselves what constitutes a meaningful life.
CONCACAF Championship - United States v Mexico

Mexico faces heavy lift to qualify for World Cup 2014

Mexico faces heavy lift to qualify for World Cup 2014: With just three matches left in their campaign to qualify for the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil next summer, Mexico’s national team faces a steep climb after winning only one of its first six qualifying matches.
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