AirTalk for September 11, 2013

President Obama Addresses The Nation On The Situation In Syria

Decisions on Syria: Analysis of President Obama’s speech

President Obama addressed the nation last night in a speech in which he announced he was suspending a vote from Congress on whether to strike in Syria. Obama said he supports a call from Russia to have the Syrian government hand over their chemical weapons to international powers in an effort to resolve the issue diplomatically.
California Pushes For New Highway Law
A bill approved this week by California lawmakers will allow solo drivers in carpool lanes on Los Angeles freeways for a few hours a day.

FCC Commissioner’s quixotic quest to save AM radio

Flashback to 1978 and nearly half of all radio listeners were dialed in to the AM band. As of 2011, AM listenership fell to 15 percent – a mere 3.1 million people, compared to 18 million who tune in to FM. Can AM radio be saved? Should it be?
Are school uniforms better for students?

The pros and cons of school dress codes

As students across the country settle into their new classes the administrators are going to be paying close attention to what they're wearing. A string of high profile court cases lately has brought the issue of the school dress code back in focus.
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