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Has the Syria crisis impacted the way you look at President Obama?

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How has the situation in Syria and the U.S. response affected your view of President Obama? JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

It's been a month of intense political maneuvering on the part of President Obama to deal pretty much with a no-win situation in Syria. Some think that the President has brought all that grief onto himself by drawing a red line on the use of chemical weapons. Others feel that the President should have acted more decisively, that he shouldn't have kicked the issue back to Congress.

On top of all that, domestic support for a military strike against Syria has been tepid at best. A diplomatic solution presented itself this week in the form of an UN resolution that would lead to the disarmament of Syria’s arsenal, even though no consensus has been reached on how best to achieve that goal.

How has the Syria conflict impacted your perception of the President? Does he appear weaker or stronger than before the crisis? How would this bolster or weaken the President's political capital in the remainder of his term?


Jonathan Wilcox, Republican Strategist; former speech writer for Governor Pete Wilson

Matt Rodriguez, Democratic strategist; former senior Obama advisor in 2008, who now runs the Los Angeles office for the Dewey Square Group

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