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Dallas Gay Pride Parade to enforce dress code?

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Is sexual expression intrinsic to gay pride parades? MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images

Some gay-rights activists in Texas are outraged that the Dallas pride parade will enforce dress rules at this Sunday's parade. Local activist, Daniel Scott Cates, wrote a scathing web post saying organizers want everyone to "cover up" to make the parade more "family friendly."

Parade organizer, Michael Doughman says, "Just because it's a day of celebration for our community doesn't mean we are exempt from the law," according to the Dallas Observer. Cates believes "no bare [butts], no breasts (even with pasties), no tight underwear on dancers" will be allowed.

Would such rules erase what it means to be "queer?" Is sexual expression intrinsic to gay pride parades?


Jeremy Liebbe, Detective Sergeant of Police at Dallas ISD and operations commander for Dallas Pride

John D’Amico, West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem & City Councillor; D’Amico works with the West Hollywood pride parade organizers

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