AirTalk for September 16, 2013


BREAKING: Washington navy yard shooting

At least twelve people have been confirmed dead after a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday.
Today it was confirmed that sarin gas was used in rocket attacks against civilians on August 21. Over the weekend, Russia and the United States hammered out a plan for the dismantling of Syria’s chemical weapons, which could be tricky to implement.
Los Angeles River Bridges Declared Historic-Cultural Monuments
The Army Corps of Engineers has chosen a plan to revitalize the Los Angeles River. The $453-million plan is the second cheapest of four options shortlisted in a feasibility study released Friday.
The US Supreme Court Building is seen in

Supreme Court to hear challenge to affirmative action policy

A politically charged Michigan ballot proposition that banned affirmative action will soon get its day at the Supreme Court. The 2006 Proposal 2 asked Michigan voters to prohibit race-based affirmative action in college admissions and hiring practices. The mostly white state supported the ban.
Obama Signs Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act
What a difference a day makes. Just 24 hours ago, the world over was expecting Lawrence Summers—a top economic advisor to President Obama and the Treasury Secretary under President Clinton—to be a shoo-in as the country’s next Federal Reserve chief.
Early Voting Begins In Iowa For Presidential Election

Australia does it: Should Americans be required to vote?

Australians chose a new prime minister earlier this month with a voter turnout rate that would shock most Americans. Nearly every Australian voted in that election - but not out of choice. It was because they have to.
Woodrow Wilson is known as the president who passed the first progressive agenda and who was determined to make the world “safe for democracy.” A. Scott Berg’s biography “Wilson” provides a look at Wilson’s life through a more personal perspective.
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