AirTalk for September 18, 2013

Fix food 'sell-by' dates to stop consumer waste

Before you throw out that delicious pepper jack cheese, know that a new report on food safety and waste is calling for confusing "sell-by" dates to be tossed out instead. Food policy scientists from Harvard and the Natural Resources Defense Council found a mish-mash of rules governing use-by, best-buy and sell-by dates on perishable foods. A whopping 91 percent of consumers said they occasionally discard food past its sell-by date and 25 percent said they always discard such food, according to a 2011 survey by the Food Marketers Institute.
The US Federal Reserve building is seen
Despite swirling rumors that they’ll do otherwise, the Federal Reserve is not going to apply the brakes on the government’s $85-billion a month treasury and mortgage bond buying program known as “quantitative easing.”

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on cop cameras, TRUST Act and more

Every month we have Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck in our studio to discuss issues facing the LAPD.
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Constitutionality Of Health Care Law
Much of the Affordable Care Act, perhaps more commonly known as Obamacare is set to go into effect in January. The insurance exchange market is opening next month. But the closer we get to the implementation of Obamacare, the more confusion there seems to be about the new law.
Betty Ford Remembered At Center Bearing Her Name

Battle brewing between Malibu residents, pricey rehab centers

In Malibu, treatments centers cost up to a $100,000 a month and provide perks like massages, lap pools and daily therapy sessions. Residents, however, aren’t so enthused.
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