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GOP vs. GOP in fight over Obamacare and government shutdown

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks during a town hall meeting hosted by Heritage Action For America at the Hilton Anatole on August 20, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. Cruz is staging events across Texas sharing his plan to defund U.S. President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. Brandon Wade/Getty Images

The Senate is expected to begin debate on a two-fold piece of legislation that would "defund Obamacare" while allowing funding to continue for the rest of the government.

Some Republicans, including highly influential groups such as Heritage Action, Club for Growth and the Tea Party movement, say they are committed to their demand strip monies from the Affordable Care Act even if it shuts down the government. Texas Senator Ted Cruz said Sunday, "If Harry Reid kills that (demand), Harry Reid is responsible for shutting down the government."

Other notable Republicans warn that the GOP-controlled house will wear the blame if the government shuts down and brings a chill to the U.S. economy. Karl Rove calls the defunding strategy "an ill-conceived tactic." As reported by the National Journal,  a Congressional Research Service report released at the end of July found that much of the health care law’s implementation is separate from annual discretionary appropriations, therefore would not be affected by the current proposed legislation.

Who would you blame if the government shuts down?


Shawn Steel, Republican National Committeeman in California; Founding Director, California Chapter of Club for Growth - an influential conservative lobbying group; Past Chairman, California Republican Party

Avik Roy, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Policy Institute; In 2012, Roy was a health care policy

Phillip Martin, Deputy Director, Progress Texas - a political communications firm described as advancing progressive values, such as the Affordable Care Act

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