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How does it feel when the Internet hates you?

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Why was Hermelin ridiculed for using a typewriter in New York City to make a few bucks for writing stories? flickr/mimesis

C.D. Hermelin was a hated man before people even knew his name. With skinny jeans and a typewriter, he sat on a New York City park bench tapping out original stories for a few bucks a piece. But with one snap of a stranger's camera, Heremelin unwittingly became that most feared of Internet beings: a meme. "Typewriter Guy" was suddenly on the front page of Reddit as the Internet's most hated hipster.

And the comments were not kind. Redditors told him to get out of their city and called him names we can't print here. It only got worse. He was hated on Pinterest, BuzzFeed and thousands of Facebook pages. Instead of trying to slink into obscurity, Hermelin decided to speak out and wrote an article about his time as an Internet meme. With the rising popularity of websites like Reddit and BuzzFeed, more and more people are becoming unwitting Internet memes.

Has this happened to you? Have you commented or shared one of these without knowing the story behind it? Would it change your mind if you did? What does it feel like to be the subject of online hatred?


Christopher Hermelin, Brooklyn-based writer and that guy you hate on the Internet

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