AirTalk for September 24, 2013

President Barack Obama today spoke at the United Nations General Assembly. In addition to pushing for an international resolution on Syria’s chemical weapons, Obama wants to have a face-to-face with President Hasan Rouhani about Iran’s nuclear program.
How will this bill be enforced?

California bill gives minors chance to repair online reputation

A California bill seeking to give minors the right to delete questionable posts, images, videos and other materials they post online was signed into law today by Gov. Jerry Brown.
Why was Hermelin ridiculed for using a typewriter in New York City to make a few bucks for writing stories?

How does it feel when the Internet hates you?

With one snap of a stranger's camera, C.D. Heremelin unwittingly became that most feared of internet beings: a meme.

Egyptian Court bans Muslim Brotherhood activities

On Monday, an Egyptian court issued an injunction to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood and seize its assets. Since Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, Brotherhood members have participated in mass protests against the takeover. What does this mean for the future of the Muslim Brotherhood?
What banned book do you want to read?

It’s Banned Books Week...what are you reading?

The American Library foundation has declared the last week of September as Banned Books Week. Every year, libraries, booksellers, publishers, teachers and readers come together in support of intellectual freedom and to highlight books that have been subjected to threats of censorship -- and actual censorship.
Songwriters Jerry Leiber (L) and Mike Stoller at the release party for their autobiography "HOUND DOG" at a private residence on June 7, 2009 in New York City.

What goes into writing an iconic rock ballad?

Mike Stoller and his partner Jerry Leiber wrote some of the most iconic songs in modern music, including "Hound Dog," “Stand by Me” and “Yakety Yak.”Smokey Joe’s Cafe, a live revue of the pair’s songs, is currently playing on the mainstage of the Pasadena Playhouse. We talk to Mike Stoller about what goes into writing such iconic anthems.
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