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What’s the impact of Ted Cruz’s faux-filibuster on… Ted Cruz?

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Has the faux-filibuster harmed or helped Ted Cruz? Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Senator Ted Cruz concluded his 21-hour non-stop solo effort to defund healthcare reform this morning. The Texas lawmaker stood the entire time and only took a break from speaking when he fielded questions from fellow lawmakers.

Cruz has set a record for staging the longest political speech ever (by beating Senator Rand Paul's nearly 13-hour speech delivered last March) with the epic all-nighter. Despite earning that distinction, the gambit was considered an exercise in futility from the start.

Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the maneuver a "big waste of time." Lawmakers within Cruz's own party similarly criticized the move. Republican congressman Peter King, for instance, characterized what Cruz did as "a form of governmental terrorism."

Cruz has not been shy about his presidential ambitions for 2016. Has his stunt harmed or helped him?


Tamara Keith, Congressional Correspondent at NPR

Jonathan Strong, Reporter, National Review


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