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John McCain the 'Maverick' works on his legacy

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If McCain steps out of politics, who will take over as peacemaker? Alex Wong/Getty Images

Senator John McCain took fellow Republican Ted Cruz to task yesterday for his 21-hour speech on the Senate floor where Cruz accused his party of dropping the ball on trying to defeat ObamaCare.

McCain hit back saying the fight had already been lost in the legislative process and rejected Cruz’s analogy that Republicans were behaving like Neville Chamberlain and appeasing the Nazis. It’s just another example of the self-described ‘Maverick’ McCain at work. McCain has hinted that his current Senate term may be his last and the longtime squeaky wheel of the Republican party is starting to eye his legacy.

McCain is acting as the bridge between Republicans and the White House but is it doing any good if the party is so split? Is there still a middle ground when it comes to the GOP? Is McCain shooting himself in the foot by going up against Tea Party favorites like Cruz? Or is McCain Washington’s last best hope as a moderator amid the political gridlock? If McCain steps out of politics, who will take over as peacemaker?


Alexander Bolton, senior staff writer at The Hill

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