AirTalk for September 30, 2013

Congress Races To Hammer Out Deal For Bailout Legislation

The 11th hour approaches in government shutdown debate

In the likely event that Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on a spending bill to keep the government running by midnight, all non essential government services will stop tomorrow. The Senate is scheduled to vote on a bill this morning passed by House Republicans that would continue to fund the government, but delay the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Competing Obamacare commercials battle for hearts & heads

The marketing blitz about the Affordable Care Act is in heavy rotation ahead of tomorrow's launch of the health exchanges. State-run exchanges in California, Minnesota and Washington, to name a few, have tried ads that are upbeat, folksy, and funny to win insurance shoppers. And in a fight that isn't exactly Pepsi vs. Coke, there are negative ads slamming Obamacare in hopes young Americans won't sign up and choose to live with fines instead.
Israeli PM Holds Press Conference

In White House meeting, Netanyahu to warn Obama about Iran

A week after President Obama declared in an United Nations meeting that the U.S. will pursue a diplomatic path with Iran to keep it from creating nuclear weapons, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to visit the White House today to dissuade the administration from doing such a thing.
An Appalachian County's Community Bonds Help Overcome Challenge Of Poverty
An increasingly popular London-based atheist church announced recently that it will be going on a “global missionary tour” over the next couple months as cities across the nation have apparently been requesting information on how they can set up their own branches.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy on the iPad program fiasco

Since it began the first phase of its roll out, the LAUSD’s $1-billion iPad program has been plagued with issues. First, some 300 students figured out how to unlock the security feature on the devices so they could use them to surf prohibited websites, which led the district to ban kids from taking their iPads home. A couple days later, school district officials said that about 70 iPads – out of about 14,000 issued so far – had gone missing.

California elementary school truancy at “crisis” point

A report released today by California Attorney Kamala D. Harris finds that nearly 1 million California elementary school students are truant each year – that’s one out of every four pupils. School districts receive education dollars based on student attendance. Between 2010-2011, Los Angeles County lost $340 million, the report said, because of kids skipping school.
Mo Rocca Signs His Book "All The President's Pets" At Barnes & Noble Union Square

Wait, Wait…Mo Rocca has a cooking show?!

Mo Rocca is discovering classic family recipes from grandparents across the country in a new Cooking Channel Series, “My Grandmother’s Ravioli.” Growing up, Rocca cherished Sunday dinner at his grandmother’s house and her special meals like ravioli.
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