AirTalk for October 3, 2013


BREAKING: Shots fired at US Capitol

The U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown for about half an hour this morning after gunshots were fired near the building. According to law enforcement officials, the shooting was related to the driver of a vehicle that tried to ram into a security barricade.
Supreme Court "Obamacare" Ruling
Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, healthcare reform — would a rose by any other name be as controversial?
It was supposed to put an iPad in the hands of every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District, but the $1 billion program has seen nothing but problems since it debuted about 2 weeks ago. Now the district has asked students at three high schools to hand back their tablets for an indefinite period of time.
The Silicon Roundabout In Old Street

When is it appropriate to swear at work?

It’s being reported that Al Jazeera reprimanded an employee for dropping an “F-bomb” on the floor of the newsroom. Swearing is not part of the Al Jazeera culture, the employee was reportedly told by management. Most company managers would likely agree, but aren’t there moments where swearing aloud in the office is acceptable?
Despite Weak Economy, Job Opportunities On The Rise In Health Care Field

The pros and cons of the three-year medical school

A movement has been afoot in the U.S. in the last few years to reduce the number of years it takes to earn a medical degree. Medical schools in Canada have long adopted the trend of the 3-year M.D. degree, and more and more of their stateside counterparts are making the switch. New York University’s Langone Medical Center and Texas Tech University are two converts.
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