AirTalk for October 9, 2013


Should salmonella outbreaks trigger recalls?

Despite the government shutdown, the Centers for Disease Control has brought 30 of its furloughed food-safety scientists back to work to help contain the latest outbreak of salmonella which has affected nearly 300 people, mostly in California. The disease’s symptoms can include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever within three days of consumption.
Tea Party supporters attend a Tea Party
Whether far left of far right, individuals with entrenched political opinions are more likely to believe their views are superior to others, according to new research. Social psychologists from Duke University used questionnaires about controversial political issues including affirmative action, welfare, and taxes to gauge the views of 500 participants.
NTSB Recommends States Reduce Blood Alcohol Level Threshold For Drunk Driving Offenses
A Brazilian lawmaker has sued the San Francisco company for allowing users in the country to tweet locations of DUI checkpoints, thus enabling drunken drivers to elude capture. Gizmodo reports that one such account has more than 300,000 users in Brazil.

Could Twitter really be worth as much as $20 billion?

It’s the next, big blockbuster initial public offering since Facebook and Twitter has just filed the papers to raise $1 billion on the stock market. Its ticker symbol will be TWTR. The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq are both jockeying to launch the offering.
Tropfest New York 2013 In Brooklyn's Prospect Park On June 22nd
Many are familiar with the David and Goliath legend, but Gladwell goes deeper and looks at the balance between the weak and the powerful.
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