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Gov. Brown signs ‘Trust Act’ and other immigration-related laws in California

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California Governor Jerry Brown has signed several bills regarding immigration laws. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Governor Jerry Brown signed the ‘Trust Act’ yesterday, which prohibits the LAPD and other local law enforcement agencies from detaining people for deportation if they are arrested for a misdemeanor.

The bill is one of a number of immigration-related laws the governor signed in the last couple of weeks, including one that would provide special driver’s licenses for undocumented Californians. The governor, however, vetoed a bill that would have let non-citizens serve on juries. Here to tell us more about the immigration-related bills that the governor signed--and did not sign--is KPCC’s Leslie Berestein Rojas.


Leslie Berestein Rojas, KPCC's Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter

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