AirTalk for October 14, 2013

Government Shutdown Continues Into Its Second Weekend
The weekend came and went with no agreement to reopen the government or to raise the debt ceiling by Thursday’s deadline. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a deal to end the two-week shutdown and to continue government borrowing is close. House Speaker John Boehner is slated to meet with top House GOP leaders later today to discuss their options and consider crafting their own bill to raise the debt ceiling.
It’s been two weeks since the new healthcare insurance exchanges under Obamacare came online. California said about 29,000 people signed up in the first week. We’d like to hear from listeners who have comparison-shopped for a plan through Covered California. What was your experience like?
U.S. Supreme Court building
Broadcasters on Friday petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear their suit against Aereo, an online service that allows paying members to watch live over-the-air programming.Will the Supreme Court hear the case? And what do companies like Aereo mean for the future of broadcasting?
US President Barack Obama participates i

The Obama Administration vs. Transparency

In a sprawling indictment of the Obama Administration’s approach to press freedom and leakers of classified information, the Committee to Protect Journalists has accused the President of aggressively its waging war against transparency.
US director James Franco poses during th

James Franco: Actor, academic, and now...novelist

James Franco debut novel, “Actors Anonymous,” is loosely modeled on the traditional 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and gives the stories of characters struggling with the addictions of celebrity, fame and access. The actors in the novel range from an ex-child star, to a McDonald's drive thru-operator all who face their own challenges navigating the waters of Hollywood. The story is told in different styles from lyric essays to testimonials. The book gives insight into the nature of acting as well as the business.
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