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Should campus police or law enforcement take the lead in college rape cases?

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What role should colleges play in investigating sexual assault that happens on school grounds? Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Recently, California schools such as Occidental College and the University of Southern California have come under fire for their handling of sexual assault cases. Both schools acknowledged under-reporting the number of incidents that took place on campus. This comes at a time where there is growing frustration over the handling of sexual assault on college campuses.

Some think colleges and universities are not really equipped to investigate crimes that occur on campus. So what role should colleges play? And who should take the lead?


Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor specializing in sex crimes who now represents abused women and children. And a faculty member teaching sexual violence law at New England Law in Boston.

 Danielle Dirks, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Occidental College; co-founder of the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition

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