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Would you rather be physically searched or electronically searched before boarding a flight?

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Would you trade quicker TSA lines for more data pre-screening? Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Transportation Security Administration will now be screening passengers before they even get to the airport. The administration is using data from other agencies such as car registrations.  The New York Times reported  that the goal of this will be to streamline the security process. Some of this prescreening already takes place to a certain extending, but all of the details have yet to be released.

This is more detailed than previous programs such as Secure Flight when basic information such as name, gender, and birth date are cross-referenced with terrorists watch lists.  Opponents say this practice is extremely instructive, and that this approach is blanketed rather than a targeted approach. 

Do you think this will make the security line at the airport faster? Would you trade quicker TSA lines for more data pre-screening? What are some of the risks associated with this type of security screening?


Stewart Verdery, partner at Monument Policy Group, a DC consulting firm, and former Assistant Secretary of Policy and Planning at the Department of Homeland Security

Edward Hasbrouck , travel expert and consultant for The Identity Project, an organization concerned with the civil rights of travelers

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