AirTalk for October 24, 2013

House Holds Hearing On Affordable Care Act Implementation Failures

Washington grills IT for ACA website flaws

The rollout of the online health insurance exchanges that make up the backbone of the Affordable Care Act was anything but smooth. Now, the key contractors behind the websites are being hauled in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee today to explain what went wrong and how they plan to fix it.
Darrell Issa in snowy New Hampshire

Government focus shifts to immigration reform

Shifting gears from the technical problems of the Affordable Care Act website, President Obama called on Congress to work on an immigration overhaul. The immigration plans of the President have been overshadowed by the government shutdown, and the launch of the new healthcare system. Some Republicans are already announcing their legislation plans.
Newport Beach, California
Should surfers be allowed in the lineup all day throughout the summer? Or does blackball work to protect bodysurfers and others from dangerous objects in the surf?
Council of the Baltic Sea States Summit 2012
The National Security Agency might have listened in on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cellphone communications, according to the German government. The revelation prompted Merkel to call President Barack Obama for an immediate clarification. Merkel said such an action, if confirmed, would be "a serious breach of trust.”
A Starbucks coffee cup and beans are see
Starbucks is opening its first “tea bar” in New York city today, selling traditional and novelty tea beverages like a Spiced Mandarin Oolong tea and carbonated teas along with pastries and other goodies. Can Starbucks mainstream tea the way it has mainstreamed coffee?

Why are our brains wired to connect?

Psychologist Matthew Lieberman explains in his new book why our need to connect with people is more important than our need for food and shelter. The book explores the brain’s intense need for social interaction with other people.
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