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Proposed toll lanes on I-405 met with strong opposition

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Proposals to add toll lanes on the 405 freeway have been met with strong opposition. macappsaddict/Flickr

Orange County residents got a chance to speak out against proposed toll roads on I-405 last night at a forum at Westminster’s Civic Center. Residents and a panel of city council members from Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach and a few other cities attended to voice their opposition to the $1.5 billion project. Representatives from the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) also attended but didn’t speak.

Residents argued that they already pay taxes on Orange County highways and shouldn’t have to pay to use them as well. If the project is approved, the toll lanes would stretch between Costa Mesa and the Los Angeles County border and construction would begin in 2015 and continue for up to 5 years. The OCTA’s board of directors is scheduled to vote November 8 on whether to go forward with the project.

Ed Joyce, KPCC’s Orange County reporter

Nick Gerda, Voice of OC reporter

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