AirTalk for November 5, 2013


Orange County seeks to map dangerous dogs

Orange County is considering creating a map that shows where dogs considered to be dangerous or vicious are being kept.
Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals

Miami Dolphins suspend Incognito over bullying allegations

When you think of someone who’s being bullied, the stereotypical image that comes to mind is that of a young, defenseless, and perhaps nerdy kid. Even with a broader understanding, few would imagine a 300-pound NFL football player, which is part of what makes the story of Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito so surprising.
buffet colazioni

How to trick your brain into a healthier holiday-grub season

In the latest research from Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab, we learn how buffets can be healthy (veggies first, fried chicken last), clear wine glasses lead to heavier pours of Pinot Grigio, and extroverted kids’ food servings are more influenced by environmental cues.
Poseidon Desalination Plant proposed for Huntington Beach
One hundred years ago today, the California Aqueduct was completed, and that imported water became the foundation that Southern California was built on. That water sustained the creation of countless jobs, new industries, massive-scale farming, and a population boom that made Los Angeles one of the world’s great cities.
Uncanny Valley

Should robots be more like humans?

With advances in technology, Robots are beginning to move, look and act more like humans. They are also creating robots that are good at performing tasks like human do. Many of the latest robots are operated from a distance, but now many can operate without any human control at all.
Beatles Are Back

Battle of the Bands: The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones

Mick and Keith versus John and Paul? “Satisfaction” versus “A Hard Day’s Night”? “Gimme Shelter” versus “Hey Jude”? “Ruby Tuesday” versus “Love Me Do”? Call and make your case.
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