AirTalk for November 7, 2013

New Food Label Requirements Listing Trans Fat and Allergens Take Effect

FDA to ban heart-clogging trans fats in processed foods

While food industry biggies like McDonald's, Walmart and others have tapered off use of trans fats, today the Food and Drug Administration said all food manufacturers gradually ought to eliminate the ingredient. Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said an all-out ban could prevent 7,000 deaths a year and 20,000 heart attacks.
Device Tracks And Photographs Meteorites
Residents of Southern California were treated to a rare sight last light, when a bright streak of light flashed across the sky. Witnesses began reporting the sighting about 8 p.m. -- some as far away as San Diego -- and took to Twitter with their questions and testimonies.
Space Shuttle Endeavour In Space
The European satellite, called the Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (or GOCE), has been out of fuel since late October and will fall back to Earth sometime in the next several days.
California Same-Sex Couples Line Up To Marry After Supreme Court Ruling

Can affairs actually be good for marriage?

Some therapists are now advocating the concept that affairs can save and strengthen a marriage. The idea is that the affair can be a wake-up-call for the couple, and be used as an opportunity to directly confront issues in the relationship. In other words, the affair can be the catalyst that can save their marriage.
President Bill Clinton Pays Tribute To Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa At CelebrateLA!

Does LA County need more supervisors?

Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States. More than a quarter of Californians live there and most of its residents, some 60 percent, are Latino. But only one of the five LA County Board of Supervisors is Latino – Gloria Molina. Supervisor Molina was elected to the board over two decades ago, after the U.S. Justice Department got involved in redistricting and said that not creating a Latino seat would violate the Voting Rights Act.
Farm workers harvest Pinot Noir wine gra
California is the only state other than Texas that doesn’t regulate its groundwater. The California Constitution says that an owner of a property that lies above an aquifer can pump “reasonable amounts” from it if it’s put to good use—like drinking or watering crops.
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