AirTalk for November 11, 2013

What do the car fires mean for the future of Tesla?

Electronic Car Maker Telsa Reports Quarterly Earnings

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A Tesla Model S car is displayed at a Tesla showroom on November 5, 2013 in Palo Alto, California. Tesla will report third quarter earnings today after the closing bell.

Last week another Tesla Motors Model S  sedan caught fire after a traffic accident. The vehicle was the the third in six weeks for Tesla. Federal vehicle safety regulators are looking into the incident and according to reports Tesla is in touch with the person injured in the most recent Tennessee incident.

In each case it is the battery pack is what has  caught on fire. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has defended the safety of the Model S batter design. The company’s stock shares are dipping after the accident.

Will these accidents turn consumers off from buying  Tesla cars? What does this mean for the future of the car and company?


David Baker, Energy and Clean-tech reporter San Francisco Chronicle

Joseph B. White, Global Auto Editor, Wall Street Journal-Detroit




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