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Influential Democrats make push for consumers' choice on insurance policies

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Six Senate Democrats back Senator Mary Landrieu's bill to let people keep their insurance. Kris Connor/Getty Images

If you liked your health insurance, and didn’t get to keep it, you might still get to keep it.  Later this week the House will vote on a bill called the Keep Your Health Plan Act.  

But many Democrats who are facing tough re-elections next year are  also proposing keep your health plan bills. Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu would allow individuals who purchased health insurance to be grandfathered into their policies allowing them to keep their health insurance.

If any of these “Keep Your Healthcare” plans pass what would that mean for an already mangled health insurance system?  Is it feasible? Or is it too late to keep your plan?  


Josh Gerstein, Senior White House Reporter for POLITICO

Nancy Metcalf, Health care editor, Consumer Reports; Consumer Reports’ recently launched web tool is for consumers navigating insurance options

Paul Howard, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute - a think tank focusedon economic choice and individual responsibility; Director of the Manhattan Institute's Center for Medical Progress.





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