AirTalk for November 15, 2013

Insurance Agents Aid In Signing People Up For Affordable Health Care Act Coverage
California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said he's asked Covered California, the state's health insurance exchange, to look into restoring health coverage to more than 1 million Californians who have had their health insurance plans cancelled under the Affordable Care Act.
A mother and child walk in Shanghai on F

China further eases one-child policy

China has relaxed the country's one-child policy -- another step in the gradual loosening of the one of the world’s most famous family planning rule. The Chinese Communist Party introduced the population-control measure in 1979 and the latest change would allow couples to have a second child if either of the parents is an only child. Currently, the state lets couples to have a second child only if both of the parents are only children. Ethnic minorities and some couples living in some rural areas are also exempt.
Inmates at Chino State Prison walk past their bunk beds in a gymnasium that was modified to house prisoners  in Chino, California

State’s realignment law gets mixed reviews

After a federal court ordered California to reduce its prison population, the state enacted “realignment.” The law shifted responsibility for tens of thousands of felons to counties. Now, two years after implementation, a new study gives the massive policy change mixed reviews.
Larry is joined by KPCC critics Wade Major and Lael Loewenstein to review this week’s releases, including Nebraska, Charlie Countryman, Go For Sisters and more! TGI-FilmWeek!
Celebrities Attend Heath Ledger Tribute

Study finds that gun violence in PG-13 films is rising

The level of gun violence in the top-grossing PG-13 images is on the rise and now rivals that of the most popular R-rated movies, according to the report “Gun Violence Trends in Movies,” published in the December issue of Pediatrics.
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