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When private moments go public: Comic live tweets breakup

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A heated break-up on a Brooklyn rooftop was broadcast worldwide via Twitter. George Marks/Getty Images

New York comedian Kyle Ayers was relaxing on the rooftop of his Brooklyn apartment building when he heard a couple in the midst of a break up. Instead of leaving or trying to ignore them, Ayers live tweeted the breakup.

Using the hashtag  ‘#roofbreakup,’ Ayers details the couple's argument. The whole saga includes accusations from the couple and direct quotes.

The tweets became a hit on Twitter, and most people found it funny, and congratulated Ayers on sharing the event.

Why do you think people were so interested?With so many reality television shows, why did people care about strangers breaking up? Was there any violation of the couple's privacy?


Kyle Ayers,  Brooklyn-based comedian who live-tweeted the rooftop fight between an unsuspecting couple

David Ryan Polgar, lawyer, writer and tech ethicist based in Connecticut

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