AirTalk for November 18, 2013

California releases proposed new fracking regulations

The proposed regulations, released Friday, would require that oil companies apply for permission to extract oil through the controversial practice known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The petroleum industry operating in the state is also required would be groundwater monitoring and oil well testing, as well as notify the public on the chemicals that would be used.
Severe Tornado Outbreak Hits Illinois

Severe storms cause destruction in the Midwest

Severe weather hit the Midwest this weekend, creating dozens of tornadoes, flash floods and even hair. Washington, IL, a town of 10,000 people was amongst the hardest hit. The entire neighborhood was virtually flattened, and at least one person died in the area. Across the entire state six people were killed from the storms.
Controversial EU Ruling On Vitamins Maybe Overturned
Doctors usually ask you to disclose any herbs or supplements you may be taking because certain ones can interact negatively with traditional medicine. Now, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is taking an extra step by banning the use of herbs and supplements by their patients over concerns that they may interact negatively with treatment.
Pzifer's Second Quarter Net Income Shows Large Gain, More Than Doubles

New cholesterol risk calculator doesn’t seem to add up

Last week, the nation’s leading heart organizations announced new cholesterol-lowering guidelines. Central to the recommendations is a new online calculator meant to measure the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as treatment options. Now, that calculator appears to greatly overestimate risk. “So much so,” reports the New York Times, “that it could mistakenly suggest that millions more people are candidates for statin drugs.”
The first thing you're supposed to do when diagnosed with an STI — besides seeking treatment, of course — is to inform any past partners you think may have also been exposed. It's such an uncomfortable conversation that people often don't bother suffering through the awkward phone calls.

Why humans fear, loathe, and love insects

Do you feel disgusted when you a cockroach scurrying across the floor? What is your reaction when you hear someone says the word, “bed bugs?” Seeing and talking about insects usually evokes a strong reaction, often fear, from many people.
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