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How many cats is too many? (Poll)

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Supporters of a cat limit increase in Los Angeles say it will reduce the number of cats on the streets and in shelters. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Los Angeles cat lovers may soon be allowed to own even more of their furry friends.

Under current regulations, pet owners in Los Angeles are only allowed to care for three cats in their home at any one time. Anyone who wants to cuddle more kitties has to apply for a kennel permit.

But a motion submitted by Councilman Paul Koretz would raise that limit to five. He says that raising the limit on cat ownership would get more abandoned animals off the streets and out of shelters since the people most likely to adopt a cat are already cat owners. The motion cited the 'three cat' limit as one of the key barriers to reducing the number of strays in the city.

Critics argue that the proposal should include requirements to spay or neuter the cats and they should be micro-chipped.

Should there be a limit on the number of cats you can own? What are the risks of having too many animals? Are there health concerns for the pets?


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Councilman Paul Koretz, council district 5 covering Bel Air, Century City, Westwood through Encino

Brenda Barnette, general manager of Los Angeles Animal Services

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