AirTalk for November 21, 2013

Senate Democrats Speak To The Press After Weekly Policy Luncheons

Senate Dems pull trigger on 'nuclear option'

It’s third time’s the charm when it comes to Senate Democrats’ threats to exercise the so-called “nuclear option.” Led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the Democratically controlled Senate threw out the filibuster rules that have been in place for over two centuries for most presidential confirmations.

How many cats is too many? (Poll)

Under current regulations, pet owners in Los Angeles are only allowed to care for three cats in their home at any one time. But a motion submitted by Councilman Paul Koretz would raise that limit to five.

Music publishers want websites to stop posting song lyrics

The National Music Publishers’ Association, a trade group for music publishers and songwriters, has recently sent out takedown notices to some 50 sites that post song lyrics online for copyright infringement.
Germany To Guarantee Child Day Care

$14 billion in child support left unpaid

Only one out of every three child support dollars is being paid, according to new figures from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey. While millions of parents are entitled to financial support for their kids, less than half are receiving the full amount owed; a quarter receive none.
101 freeway los angeles dtla sign traffic

Top tips for Tinseltown tourists

Angelenos are lucky to live in a top-shelf destination city, so there is no excuse for not drafting a dazzling itinerary for your holiday guests. Not only has KPCC mapped top destinations and widgets, but the Los Angeles Tourism board has a life-saver of a web site for all things L.A.
Kennedy Addressing

Before the White House, there was ‘JFK in the Senate’

Before John F. Kennedy became one of the most famous residents of the White House he spent his formative political years as the senator from Massachusetts. Connections Kennedy made on a special Senate panel to identify the five greatest senators in American history helped seal his path to the presidency.
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