AirTalk for November 26, 2013

Farmworkers Mobilize In Miami For Immigration Reform
Despite a new call by the president for immigration reform, all signs are pointing to a strategic shift by the White House on the divisive issue. After lengthy stalls by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, President Obama has essentially endorsed a piecemeal approach to achieving comprehensive immigration overhaul.
US President Barack Obama stands with He

Supreme Court to hear challenge to ACA’s birth-control rule

The Supreme Court today agreed to hear two legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act dealing with whether companies can refuse to pay for coverage of contraceptive drugs that violate the religious beliefs of the companies' owners.
A girl walks past the shelves of La Gran

GoldieBlox aims to build a new generation of girl engineers

Walk down just about any toy aisle and you’ll see two colors – blue for boys and pink for girls. The boy’s side has the building blocks, erector sets and tool belts. The girl’s section is dominated by ponies and princesses. Now, there’s a new toy company on the horizon that aims to “disrupt the pink aisles.”
Hospice Cares For Terminally Ill During Final Stage Of Life

More Americans want aggressive end-of-life medical treatment

How to deal with a late-stage illness is a sensitive topics for most patients and families. According to new data from the Pew Research Center, a growing number of Americans are choosing to be far more aggressive in treating end-of-life illnesses.
The North Lawn of the White House is see

White House press corps revolts against image control

Yesterday, USA Today became the latest major media outlet to boycott photos officially issued by the White House. The paper joins the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) and 37 other media outlets, including The Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, and Fox News, in protest.

How texting is changing the meaning of punctuation marks

An American University study found in 2007 that college students use sentence-ending punctuation marks only 39 percent of the time in texts and 45 percent of the time during instant messaging.
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