AirTalk for November 27, 2013

Pope Francis continues to surprise Catholics and non-Catholics alike with his frank and unconventional ways. On Tuesday, the Pope released his theological manifesto, criticizing the “tyranny” of unchecked capitalism and calling for big changes in the Roman Catholic Church.
Schiavo Case Highlights Need For Living Wills

Forget the surprise when it comes to inheritance

As if a death in the family weren't already enough to deal with, cases of unexpected inheritance can often lead loved ones into fights, fallouts, and even lawsuits. To prevent such familial discord, some personal finance experts are advising their clients to take a different path when it comes to inheritance: In short, leave out the surprise part.
Seal Beach CA Leisure World (3884)

Gated community comes between grandparents and grandkids

A Florida grandfather living in the age-restricted community of Vero Beach looked out his window one recent morning and saw that he and his wife’s two vehicles had been vandalized with yellow spray paint. The vandal’s message: “No Kids.”
DNA Self-Collection Kit

FDA orders stop to 23andMe genetic testing kits

At-home genetic testing is about to get a little more difficult if the Food and Drug Administration has its way. The FDA issued a warning letter this week to the company 23andMe, a genetic test maker, to stop sales of its DNA testing kits consumers can order through the mail.
Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together — but for many, it’s also extremely fraught with unresolved family issues.
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