AirTalk for December 2, 2013

California's growing surplus could lead to Democrat-on-Democrat budget battle in the coming months. Governor Jerry Brown has made cautious estimates about the state's finances, but the bean-counter-in-chief, Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor, projects year-over-year increases up to a nearly $10-billion surplus by July 2018.
Street food vs. fine dining: Mexican chefs argue food critics are biased against high quality meals in favor of small, humble, places or hole-in-the-wall, street-cart-style fare. Those are seen as authentic, while higher end Mexican places are dismissed as “inauthentic.
Care Harbor Medical Clinic - 1
Thousands of nursing students are turned away from schools each year, not because they’re unqualified, but because there aren’t enough staff members to teach them.
Pick Pocket

Mistrust growing among Americans, poll finds

You might try to live by the old adage, "love thy neighbor," but do you trust him? According to a new AP-GfK poll, trust among Americans is waning to record low levels.
America has had it rough over the past decade. The nation is over $17 trillion in debt, the middle class is shrinking, and the country’s dysfunctional political system is getting in the way of solving the myriad of economic crises at hand. What’s a country to do? Merge, says geopolitics expert and author Diane Francis.
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