AirTalk for December 6, 2013

Memories from the epicenter of the divestment movement in California

California Campuses Hold Walkouts And Rallies To Protest Education Cuts

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A student at UC Berkeley sits on top of Sather Gate as he participates in a demonstration during a national day of action against funding cuts and tuition increases March 4, 2010 in Berkeley, California. The campus was also a site for demonstrators during the anti-apartheid movement

We talk to an early organizer of the divestiture movement and anti-apartheid demonstrations at UC Berkeley. Students, celebrities, elected officials and church organizations demonstrated and led some universities, including UC Berkeley to divest in companies that were doing business with South Africa.


Pedro Noguera, an early organizer of campus anti-apartheid demonstrators at UC Berkeley. He is now a Professor of Education at NYU and the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education

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