AirTalk for December 17, 2013

Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care

Doctors say stop wasting money on multivitamins

Is your daily multivitamin just a waste of money? That's the message from a new editorial published in the influential medical journal, the Annals of Internal Medicine. The authors looked at the results of three studies into the efficacy of vitamin and mineral supplements and concluded that they're not beneficial and a waste of money.

SpaceX scores rights to historic NASA launchpad

NASA has selected SpaceX to be the exclusive lessee of the Kennedy Center's Launch Complex 39A.
Virgin London Marathon 2012

Designing running shoes to prevent injury

Runners face injury for a variety of reasons sometimes due to the pressures that the exercise places on the body, other times because of poor running technique. Soon, running shoes may be able to provide feedback to help runners improve their technique, which could prevent injuries.
Secretary Of State Kerry And Treasury Secretary Lew Brief Capitol Hill Lawmakers On Iran

Judge questions the constitutionality of NSA spying

A federal court judge ruled on Monday that the National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone metadata is unconstitutional. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon placed a temporary injunction on the PRISM program but left the door open for the government to appeal his decision.
2010 Summer TCA Tour - Day 10

Does Utah’s anti-polygamy law violate the Constitution?

A federal judge ruled Friday that provisions of Utah’s ban on polygamy violated the constitutionally protected rights of free exercise of religion and due process. In a case brought by television’s favorite polygamous patriarch—Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown—the court said it was unconstitutional to prohibit a married person from cohabiting with another person.
Sure, you want to be a good parent. That probably means limiting screen time for your newborn or toddler, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. But certainly there are a plethora of educational opportunities online to share with our kids, via digital devices.
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