AirTalk for December 18, 2013

'Nebraska' director Alexander Payne on the art of human films

Alexander Payne

Grant Slater/KPCC

Director Alexander Payne

The latest film from Alexander Payne is "Nebraska," a road trip story depicting family life in America's heartland. His sixth film — named for his home state — certainly isn't the first to dig into dark humor and awkward family dynamics.

We discuss the themes and characters in Payne's celebrated body of work — a repertoire that includes "Election," "About Schmidt," "Sideways" and 2011's "The Descendants."

What drives Payne to make these uniquely human films? Which one speaks to you the most?

Alexander Payne, Director, “Nebraska;” Academy-Award winning writer of “The Descendants” (Adapted Screenplay) and “Sideways” (Adapted Screenplay); Payne’s other highly notable films include “Election” and “About Schmidt”

"Nebraska" trailer


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