AirTalk for December 23, 2013

A health insurance lifeline has been thrown to thousands of Americans whose policies were cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act.
The nation’s largest private foster care system, begun 27 years ago here in California, is a $400 million dollar a year industry.

Sen. Max Baucus tapped to serve as US ambassador to China

Max Baucus, the senior Democratic Senator from Montana who has served since 1978, was set to retire at the end of his 2014 term. But President Obama announced on Friday that Baucus would be appointed the US Ambassador to China to replace current ambassador and former Gov of Washington Gary Locke, who is stepping down.

Canada’s Supreme Court strikes down anti-prostitution laws

Canada’s Supreme Court unanimously voted to strike down a ban on three laws against prostitution, including bans on brothels and street solicitation.
The holidays have a way of bringing out the joie de vivre in people, but what's acceptable behaviors at a family holiday celebration might not translate as well in a work-related setting.
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