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Obamacare’s deadline extension adds another bump in the road

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Narendra Parmar sits with Certified Enrollment Specialist, Laquanda Jordan, as he finishes the process of picking and signing up for health insurance through the Affordable Care act at a Miami Enrollment Assistance Center on December 23, 2013. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The deadline to get healthcare coverage that would start on the 1st of next year has come and gone… except it hasn’t.

The White House’s quiet decision yesterday to extend the deadline for enrollment in the ACA through their exchanges was ostensibly made to accommodate the number of Americans making last-minute enrollments.

California’s state exchange followed suit, calling it a grace period for those who had already made a “good-faith attempt” to sign up yesterday.

With the new deadline running down, how will the already pressed insurance industry handle one less day to process American’s paperwork for the start of coverage January 1st? Is the extension a sign that despite claims by the White House, the ACA exchange system is still in trouble?


Chad Terhune, Healthcare reporter for the Los Angeles Times

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