AirTalk for December 24, 2013

California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Who is Californian of the year?

As we approach the end of the year, AirTalk wants your help in deciding who you think is the most influential Californian of the Year.
The deadline to get healthcare coverage that would start on the 1st of next year has come and gone… except it hasn’t.

Writers self-censor in response to NSA surveillance concerns

Writers are silencing their thoughts for fear of their work being misinterpreted by the government in the wake of the National Security Agency spying allegations.

Pope Francis celebrates his first Christmas in the Vatican

Pope Francis will celebrate his first Christmas tomorrow as the leader of the Catholic Church.

Who’s funnier, Brits, or Americans?

It’s a classic debate -- who’s funnier, Americans, or Brits? There are many U.S. adaptations of British television comedies, and both Americans and Brits have adopted language and humor from one another over the years.

Holiday songs: are we not making them like we used to?

The holiday season brings with it perennial favorite songs, but when was the last time you heard a new holiday song that makes you want to play it every year?

John Henry Faulk’s 'Christmas Story'

A Christmas encore of story-teller and radio host John Henry Faulk reading his “Christmas Story.”
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