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Stop kicking my seat! Top annoyances for festive flyers

by AirTalk®

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Passengers sleep on a low cost flight to Dinard in France on May 15, 2006 from London. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

The holiday season is one of the biggest travel seasons of the year, and with all those people rushing home to meet their loved ones, things can get more than a little aggravating.

This is especially true for the holiday flight home, and travel website has just published a survey about what annoys their customers the most. Some airlines are planning to use customer’s personal data to allow them to offer custom upgraded packages for quieter rooms or more leg space, but some privacy experts contend this goes too far.

Are in-flight annoyances really that big a deal? how much would you pay to avoid them? Are the airlines giving customers what they want by using their data to customize plans, or is this a case where privacy should take precedence over convenience?

Sarah Gavin, family travel expert and director of communications at Expedia, which conducted the survey

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