AirTalk for December 26, 2013

A state judge has barred voter-approved pension cuts in San Jose -- the ruling may set a precedent for cities facing similar budget cuts.
Smokers have long been banned from lighting up at work and public spaces, instead relegated to taking a puff huddled in doorways. While the rules are clear for traditional smokers, the growth in use of e-cigarettes is raising questions about where e-cig users can exhale their ‘vapors’.

Social media fame isn’t always what it seems

YouTube, Twitter, and other follower-based social media sites are all about popularity – but how many of famous social mediaites' followers are legitimate?
California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Who is Californian of the year?

As we approach the end of the year, AirTalk wants your help in deciding who you think is the most influential Californian of the Year.

Stop kicking my seat! Top annoyances for festive flyers

The holiday season is one of the biggest travel seasons of the year, and with all those people rushing home to meet their loved ones, things can get more than a little aggravating.
St. Regis Hotels & Resorts Wins 2013 World Snow Polo Championship In Aspen

What's your post-Christmas hangover cure?

For years, the medical community abstained from studying hangover cures because doctors didn’t want to be seen as encouraging overindulgence of alcohol.
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