AirTalk for December 30, 2013

Bombings spur security concerns ahead of Sochi Olympics


The newly constructed Iceberg skating palace, which will host the short track speed skating and figure skating events in Sochi, part of the coastal cluster for the upcoming 2014 winter olympics.

Two suicide bomb blasts in Volograd in the past two days highlight Russia's security challenges as the country prepares to host the Winter Olympics in six weeks. 

Russia's President Putin has maintained that the Sochi games will be safe and security will be tight.

What's Russia doing to beef up security for the games? Do these recent attacks mean athletes and visitors are at risk? What’s the mood around the upcoming Olympics?


Patrick Sandusky, Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer at the United States Olympic Committee, member of the U.S. delegation to Sochi

David Wallechinsky, Vice President of the International Society of Olympic Historians and author of The Complete Book of the Olympics

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