AirTalk for December 30, 2013

Hotels nixing minibars forevermore?

Vancity Allie via Flickr Creative Commons

A hotel minibar

The hotel minibar may soon be a thing of the past, experts say.

A recent survey by travel website found that the minibar is the least important amenity for U.S. travelers. Only 21 percent of travelers ranked the minibar as important, compared to 89 percent who called free in-room wireless internet important. 

Stocking  and arguing with customers about charges make minibars difficult to manage--and more and more hotel guests are leaving their rooms and congregating in lobbies and restaurants.

Travelers, are you sad to see the minibar go? Have you used it in the past? What will you do if it disappears? 


Chris Elliott, consumer advocate and customer service expert, columnist for the Washington Post and USA Today.

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