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How can you keep your resolutions this year?

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Fireworks explode over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on Jan. 1, 2014. A wave of pyrotechnic displays kicked off new year celebrations in major cities around the world, with Hong Kong welcoming 2014 with a choreographed music and fireworks show. Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty Images

You might be packing a bag for the gym or starting the first day of a juice cleanse -- it’s the season for keeping New Year’s resolutions, at least for now.

But after days, weeks, or months of hard work, many people find themselves back where they started.

What’s the best way to approach a New Year’s resolution? How can making the right kind of resolution or laying out a plan for following through change your life in the new year?

We’re talking about resolutions from start to finish -- call in at 866-893-5722 and tell us what you have planned for this year.


D.P. Waldman, Professional Certified Life Coach with the International Coach Federation

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