AirTalk for January 1, 2014

Mercer 450
Justice Sonya Sotomayor issued a stay on the contraception mandate for Roman Catholic groups using the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust health plan.

How can you keep your resolutions this year?

It’s the season for New Year’s resolutions but after a while, many people find themselves back where they started. What’s the best way to approach a New Year’s resolution
Twenty Feet From Stardom - 1
Documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville wanted to give the limelight to an often unnoticed voice that has filled millions of American homes: the back-up singer.
The listeners of AirTalk have spoken: the Prop 8 plaintiffs -- Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo joined Sandy Stier and Kris Perry -- are our inaugural Californian of the Year.
Phil Jackson
In "Eleven Rings," former Lakers coach Phil Jackson talks about the love and spirituality that helped him win games, sweep series and score numerous championships.
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