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Wish you could get rid of your office management? Zappos is doing it

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HENDERSON, NV - JULY 22: A shuttle picks up people touring the headquarters July 22, 2009 in Henderson, Nevada. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The online retailer Zappos is making a major change to their company's management - they're getting rid of them all together.

The company's CEO Tony Hsieh has announced a radical 'self-governing' operating system where there will be no more managers, job titles, or hierarchy. The system, dubbed a "holacracy," still has some kinks to work out but Hsieh hopes their innovative approach will help the company thrive into the future.

Zappos isn't the first company to try this type of management-free structure and more will likely follow. But can a 'holacracy' work? Can you imagine your workplace without a manager?

Would anyone get anything done? Would you be more motivated to be productive? What alternative office structures have been the most effective?


Aimee Groth, reporter who is currently working on a book about the Zappos CEO’s revitalization of downtown Las Vegas.

Ethan Bernstein, Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School.

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